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Having an idea of business, you must require an app to make your business work seamlessly.

With many businesses going up and down, in any situation there is only one business that survives, i.e. the food business. Going out in a restaurant for dinner and casual meetings may still be an option, but having food at your place at home is the privilege that's on a different level. Speaking of food and its business, even businesses can't help but take advantage of this never-ending food demand.
This developed into a devoted foodies culture that kept users looking at the app. It contributed significantly to the interaction rate and in the end; Zomato was the by-default food delivery and ordering platform. They then expanded with advanced features such as booking tables. Apps like Zomato came to life when the food-ordering service flourished.
Let's see what makes zomato so different from other food delivery clone app solution :

Ordering food

Allowing users to order food on request.

Table Booking

Allow users to book a table with only a few taps at the restaurant of their choice.

Explore Places

Provide the user with the search bar and guide to explore nearby restaurants with pictures and map locations.

Zomato Gold

The subscription model offering an exclusive dine-out and social drinking membership with its own exclusive benefits.
App Like Zomato
For any app, its features are the only thing that will bind up the customers. Let's have a look at features for zomato like app. We came up with a comprehensive list of features that a current online food ordering and delivery platform should have for customers, delivery person, and restaurant owners. Let’s check out the latest features :

Features For Customer

Allow your app users to check various locations and cuisines for different restaurants, cafés, pubs, and bars. Using the search feature, your users can discover various restaurants, dining choices and favorite cuisines.
Users can place an order of selected dishes and food with just a few simple taps on the screen with an easy-to-order feature. They just have to add their favorite dish and then proceed to check-out.
Real-time availability
Enable your app users to obtain details about the tables in various restaurants in real-time and to make reservations with just a few simple clicks.
Delivery Tracking
Real-time Delivery Tracking
With real-time tracking functionality, monitoring the delivery persons and knowing their real-time location information becomes simple for users. They can check how much time it takes a delivery person to reach them.
Payment Gateway
Payment Gateway Integration
Integrate the app with Payment Gateway and allow users to pay by credit / debit card. Make sure you are offering various payment options for your customer.
Ratings & reviews
Ratings & reviews
Encourage users to offer ratings and share feedback for the service given by restaurant, food and delivery persons. Ratings and comments play a significant role in maximizing service quality.
Self Pick
Self Pick
Customer can also pick up their own orders according to their requirement and collect food from the restaurant when it is ready.

Features For Delivery Person App

Delivery Person App

Registration & Login

Delivery Person can use social media networks such as Gmail, Facebook and Google+ to register and sign in to the program. Drivers can register and sign in to the app by entering simple information.

User Profile

Delivery Person may hold full profile details including name, email address, contact number, photo and other important information. Drivers will keep an active profile.

Update & Warning for New Order

Delivery Person should receive push notification of the issued new order. And when the device closes, delivery person will receive an update for the assigned order.

Handle Multiple Food Deliveries

Delivery person can also manage multiple food deliveries at one time and deliver it to all near-by locations.


Integrate Google Map enabling delivery person to choose the shortest and quickest routes to reach the venue. This will please the customers with on time delivery.

Features For Restaurant App

Profile Creation

Allowing restaurant owners to register and build profile after a few easy steps. Restaurant owners should provide information such as restaurant address, complete menu with price, delivery details and contact details to create a profile.

Order Management

Allow owners to handle all orders, including ongoing, dispatched, pickups and scheduled ones, at one location. Owners can get a full view of the orders with only a single touch on the screen.

Menu Management

Restaurant owners can handle a full restaurant menu by adding and updating the lists, everyday's special dish and minimum number of orders or minimum order number.

Promos & Offers

Restaurant companies may build and introduce new discount deals and offers, allowing their customers to profit from buying food.


Alert or note will inform restaurant owners of the latest order, status of submitted or delivered orders, online payment collected, and other relevant information about the delivery person and customers.

Features For Admin Panel

Managing Restaurants

Being an admin, all restaurants can be handled by adding, modifying, and removing any restaurant or café from the list. Check the active status of any restaurant inside the app.

Type Management

Manage all restaurant categories depending on the type of food, product specifics, distribution choices, and market optimization deals. You can handle a variety of types of restaurants at one single platform.

Analysis & Reporting

Using the functionality of analysis and reporting, you can gain real-time insights into results and other accounting details that will help you recognize growth and broaden reach opportunities.

Real-time Updates & Alerts

Get real-time updates and reminders about delivery person and restaurant owners while updating their profile, restaurant records, and making possible changes.

Payment & Commission Management

Enable owners to set payment and commission rate and to manage and make payments directly from the panel with each single partner.
Features For Admin Panel
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?Why to Choose DMS

  • Easily accommodate a number of users and drivers.
  • Dedicated Admin panel to handle all the functionality of the application.
  • Include code for adopting full customization.
  • Free bug support during the support period.
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