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Build An App Like Udacity For Your Business to win the Heart Of Elearning Market

Comprehension professionals are valued everywhere. With new trends and technology entering the market on a daily basis, staying on top of them is critical. That's how e-learning became the primary focus of many, and e-learning businesses sprung up all around us. There is a profitable, though competitive, eLearning industry out there! Your eLearning endeavor may fail before it even begins if you do not have the ideal eLearning business model. So, if you want to generate big money like Udacity from your e-learning company, it's time to have your e-learning solutions built by us.

Our Udacity clone application is built using tried-and-true business model and technology and includes significant utility components such as features, modules, plugins, and different earning choices. Our extremely flexible Udacity clone software allows you to develop your business into numerous market sectors that can be hosted on various platforms such as Android, IOS, and so on. Our highly qualified developers' goal is to assist your business expansion by providing a one-of-a-kind, feature-rich solution.

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Development Process Of Tailored Udacity Clone App for Your Business

Understanding, expertise, and passion for the area are required for transforming a concept into implementation. We provide customized mobile app solutions to meet your needs. See how we can offer value to your company to help you reach your vision.

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We work on to verify your idea by assessing the size of the market and industry, target group, growth potential, and so on.
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Whatever you need to comprehend and predict the Clone concept, our business analysts team will assess and illustrate visions.
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We employ often requested functionalities, as well as the user interface and user experience, to engage target audiences.
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The development will adhere to the cloning specifications for a bespoke clone script. We have a Center of Excellence to suit your needs, owing to the agile development approach.
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We execute unit, integration, and regression tests that compliment your objectives to ensure product performance.
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We help you live by assisting with the server implementation. We can also host the catalog for you. The server might be close to your location or the target market from whom you anticipate traffic.

Features For Admin Panel

A feature-rich Udacity Clone Application for administering your eLearning Business seamlessly.

Dashboard Analyzer

Admins can use this feature to monitor and manage all of the functions of their eLearning business software. Here, admins get a bird's eye view of the app’s overall performance and experiences.

Handling Users

Admin can handle and maintain end-user information in a safe and secure manner. Admin can also see user’s profile details like purchased courses, completed courses, bookmarked courses, reviewed & rated courses, and so on.

Course & Instructor Administration

Admin can adequately maintain and manage the various courses listed and instructors associated with the clone app.

Payment History

Admins can safely and securely carry out every financial transaction of the clone app. They can monitor the status of received and pending payments. This feature will also compute total annual revenue.

Regulate Ads And Banners

Admin can use this feature to manage the ads and banners in the e-learning clone app. They have the ability to add and delete new ads and banners as well as existing ones.

Page Administration

This feature exhibits all of the mentioned pages in the Udacity clone app that involve hidden, users, and other allowed pages.

Insights into Business

Admin can perceive entire learning platform insight statistics such as which courses are most popular, which courses went unsold, most rated courses, most rated instructors, and so on. This will assist them in making better business decisions and planning branding strategies.

Commission Management

After course completion, admins can deduct/add commissions to the individual instructor's bank account from here.

Features Of Instructors Panel

Quick Signup

Instructors can use a login or other credentials to log in or register for the Udacity clone app.

Profile Setup

Instructors can set up a profile by entering their name, email address, occupation, and other information.

Course Management

Instructors can manage and maintain all of the courses featured on the learning platform, and they can select their chosen courses to begin giving lectures.

Classes Schedule

This feature enables instructors to plan, schedule and manage their classes through an app.

Managing Availability

In the learning platform application, instructors can enable their availability status.

Videos/Files management

Instructors can use the app to exchange course videos, PDFs, documents, notes, and other materials with students..

Address Inquiries

This feature enables instructors to respond to questions and concerns in a fast and efficient manner.

Real-time Sessions

This enables instructors to have interactive live sessions with students, enhancing their experience with the application.

Features For Students App


Students can access the eLearning clone application by entering their captcha login or username details

Advanced search

Students can use the advanced search option in the Udacity clone app to look for a wide variety of classified courses.

Download notes

This feature allows students to easily download taught notes offered by instructors in a variety of formats like videos, PDFs, papers, notes, and other resources from the app.

Record video sessions

Students can also record course portions or videos in the application for future reference.

Add favorites

Students can save their favorite courses to their application wishlists and buy them later.

Follow instructors

This option enables students to follow their chosen instructors as indicated in the application..

Push notifications

Through push notifications, the application notifies students about newly added courses and offers..

Social media share

Students can use social media platforms to share the Udacity clone course notes/videos with their peers.