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With the rise of online food delivery services, has come the rise of the app business. App-based delivery services are taking the world of food delivery by storm. In the digital age, businesses need to focus on building a digital presence if they want to grab an audience. One company to follow is Talabat.

Talabat, a food delivery service, is disrupting the market with its innovative approach. It offers a food delivery service with its interactive application that far reaches average competition, providing both convenience as well as quality delivery. An app like Talabat can help your food delivery business to scale its audience and make money.

With our ready-to-use Talabat clone app development solution, you can transform your food delivery business. With its robust features, our Talabat clone application can handle your normal business tasks with ease.

App Like Amazon

Features for Users

Wish List

Profile Sign up

With strong back-end support, users can easily register or log in using data such as email, cell phone numbers, and social network profiles.
Product Search

Search Restaurant/Food

By adding their present address, users can easily search for city restaurants and cuisine delicacies. They can also use the GPS on their smartphone to find a delivery address.
User Login

Browsing Menu

Users can easily browse restaurant menus for food items that include components, nutritional information, pricing, and other details.
Filter Attributes

Apply Filters

The filter feature allows users to simply order what they're looking for. Advanced filtering options include cuisine type, organic, rating-based, most-accessed, and food categories.
Order Tracking

1-click tracking

Users can enter their location information manually or automatically. The tracking feature enables them to keep track of the current status of the meal.
Order Status

Push notification

Users can receive real updates about everything, from restaurant meal preparation to packaging and delivery routes to their homes.
User Reviews

Payment Option

This feature enables consumers to swiftly pay for meals using various payment options while maintaining safety and security.

Features for Delivery Agents

Quick On-boarding

The delivery agent can use the digital document uploading options and registration activities in the app to register themselves.

Order Pickup Alert

Depending on their current position, delivery agents can quickly express their status for immediate or later food pickup.

Order Summary

Delivery agents can acquire all of the food item information, as well as the customer's address and phone numbers, for quick delivery.

Food preparation Alertt

Delivery agents get the restaurant owners' alerts status about the food preparation and packing. It makes collecting the food super fast and brings it to the customer's doorstep.

Advanced Navigation

Delivery agents can complete their trip in the quickest amount of time and distance possible by enabling GPS settings in the app, allowing them to carry more orders per day

Performance Report

These features enable delivery agents to keep track of their order delivery journey right from the start including travel time, nos. of an order delivered, commissions earned, ratings, and tips of customers.

Features for Restaurants

Profile building

This enables restaurant owners to develop their profile, which includes their name, brand assurance, certificates, market rank value, logo, and address, to attract consumers straight at the start.

Menu Creation/Update

The list-based designs allow restaurant owners to highlight the available cuisine. Customers are attracted to the precise information on food, ingredients utilized, and healthful information.

Real-Time Order Processing

Order management is critical for a restaurant owner. All meal orders connected to completion time might be received immediately or later by restaurant operators.

Order Checklist

Restaurant owners can acquire a full analysis of customer meal order requests and depending upon food availability they can accept/decline the food order.

Food Availability

After receiving a food request from a customer, the availability of the item is checked and quickly communicated to the customer by the restaurant.

Tracking out for delivery orders

After handing over the food package to the delivery agents, restaurant owners can track them till delivery is complete, and notify customers at each stage.

Dining Booking updates

This allows restaurant operators to quickly obtain the information that relates to table-booking requests and confirm them.

Earning Evaluation

This feature allows restaurant owners to create reports on the number of orders received, processed, paid, and commission earned, among other things.