Build An App Like Swiggy

Swiggy Clone

The food delivery market isn't new. But, the rise in popularity of mobile phone apps has given companies a new way to expand distribution. While restaurant apps are the rage today, there is one restaurant concept that is taken as a given and that is Swiggy. Swiggy, the Indian food delivery service, has been flying high in the food-delivery business ever since it was founded. What is this secret, high-profit opportunity? You guessed it- an app!

If you’re serious about a food delivery business, then you need to have a mobile app. A recent survey concluded that the growth of the food delivery sector could account for the multi-billion global market by 2023. When you think about the fact that your customers are always on their phones, how can you not include your app?.

It is simpler for the food delivery startups to approach growing their sales by augmenting their app with features from competing apps. Swiggy clone app has features that helped in gaining traction. For new food delivery companies/startups, moving towards a more feature-rich app is a key to thriving. Let’s explore some of these features..

App Like Amazon

Customer Panel Features

Wish List

Account creation

Customers can sign in with a mobile number after the number has been verified with an OTP.
Product Search


Customers can choose to have their location automatically detected or manually enter their location to set a delivery address.Customers can choose to have their location automatically detected or manually enter their location to set a delivery address.
User Login


This feature includes a list of nearby restaurants as well as top-rated restaurants from which customers can conveniently select food and place orders.
Filter Attributes

Search by Filter

Customers can use this site to find their favorite foods and restaurants. Apps feature filters that allow customers to decide among hundreds of alternatives presented to them.
Order Tracking

Order food

Customers can browse the menu, pick their favorite foods, place and confirm their order, and have it delivered.
Order Status

Cart & Coupons

Customers can see the pricing of their order as well as other details here. They can grab them whenever they want. Customers may save even more money by using a special coupon code.
User Reviews


Users can check the total balance owing and pay them by picking from a variety of payment options, including online payment, UPI payment, card payment, or cash on delivery.
Return and Exchange

Track order

Customers may see the progress of their order at any time. They can also track the delivery person once the order is out for delivery.
Live Chat Support


Customers can manage their addresses, payment methods, Liked & Favorite Things, and offers in the account section. It also shows their past orders and allows them to reorder..
Live Chat Support

Rate & Review

Customers can also review and rate the order after it has been delivered.
Return and Exchange

Order history

This feature includes details of the current order, as well as possibilities for making delivery-related inquiries.

Delivery Person Panel Features


A delivery person can register by providing an email address, personal information, and a password, as well as attaching the necessary documents for verification.

Accept Bookings

Requests for order delivery can be accepted or rejected by the delivery person. Customers will be notified through a push notification when they accept it with their complete details like name & number..

Route Optimization

The application selects the closest delivery person and assigns the shortest and quickest routes to ensure on-time delivery.

Manage Status

The delivery person can update the position of an order, such as picked up, on the way, and delivered.

Payment & order History

From here, drivers can check their commission earnings and order delivery history.

Restaurant Panel Features

Menu management

Based on consumer preferences and food availability, restaurants can add, eliminate, or adjust menu items. Restaurants are solely responsible for developing an appealing meal menu with a varied selection of cuisines.

Track order history

The app assists restaurants in properly managing their orders and viewing detailed data of their customers' previous order histories.

Earning report

Restaurants can use the app to generate sales records to analyze their food delivery performance. Restaurants can properly manage their financials and increase their income by using this tool..

Order notifications

An order request is received by the restaurant when a customer places one. Based on food availability and convenience, restaurants can accept or reject the request. When an order is accepted, restaurants notify customers via push notifications

Admin Panel Features

Content management

The content of the food delivery mobile app can be managed by the admin from any location.

Category management

Admins can also control categories such as grains, vegetables, and non-vegetables..

Advertising management

Admin is in charge of app advertising, which includes posting offers and discounts in front of consumers' eyes.

Message alerts

The primary goal of message notifications is to remind customers about current discounts, gratitude for new registrations, and purchase details, among other things.

Location tracking

Every meal order customer's location can be managed by the admin and sent to the driver.

Database backup

Every business relies heavily on databases. Here, the admin can manage the information for the drivers, customers, and restaurants, and a backup is kept for future use

Charts and reports

The whole reports for business growth analysis are visible to the admin.

Customer support

Customer service is critical for every business. If customers have issues with food, delivery person, or anything else, they should be able to contact a customer support executive who can resolve their difficulties.

Restaurant owners' withdrawal requests

The amount of money can be given to the restaurant owners by the admin. So they can accept restaurant owners' withdrawal requests..

Order detail and status

Admin can see every order that has been placed in their app, as well as all the order information and status..

Push alerts for new orders

The admin can send push alerts to the new user regarding the order if a new order is placed in the app.

Users management

The app's admin can manage all the app's users interface.

Membership Packages

This membership is just for restaurants that want to be added to the food delivery app.

Restaurants management

Admins can also control all the restaurants that are associated with the app.

Track order

All orders and delivery persons can be tracked by the admin.