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The food delivery business is swarming with competition due to millennials’ growing preference for mobile app. Seamless is the #1 food delivery app across big countries. And now, its clone application letting you get your food delivery business on your terms.

In today’s digital world, customers want instant gratification, which is why food delivery business owners need to focus on mobile apps. So if you are wildly enthusiastic about starting food delivery service, it's important to evaluate the business you want to start and maintain in a technology-forward way. The first step is to ensure an effective, a mobile-friendly website has been developed. The next step is to build an app, spurring the creation of a feature-packed list. But to do so, you'll need first-rate software and a sound team. That's why we're here to give the lowdown on how to use analytics and expand your business.

Our Seamless clone app, which is fully loaded with pivotal high-end features, allows you to provide your customers with a superior platform from which they can order food and have them delivered right to their door. Have total control over your restaurant's online operations with a food delivery software featuring all the virtual features mentioned below..

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Feature for Customers

Wish List

Convenient Login

Customers may quickly login or sign up for the application by inputting basic information such as their email address, phone number, and name, or by connecting their social network accounts.
Product Search

Live Food Tracking

From order being accept by restaurant through food delivered, customers may follow each stage of their order in real time. .
User Login

Personalized Profiles

Customers can manage or modify their account information from this page. They can also view their preferred foods or restaurants for convenient ordering.
Filter Attributes

Assessing Restaurant Profile

Customers can explore all of the restaurants’ menu list and view their profiles to see what the restaurants provide and pick what they want from there.
Order Tracking

Easy to contact delivery agentst

When a delivery agent accepts a customer's order to deliver, their contact info is immediately shared with the customer to facilitate direct communication.
Order Status

Multiple payment optionsn

Customers have complete control over their preferred payment method, including UPI, internet banking, credit/debit card, and even cash on delivery.
User Reviews

In-app Chat Support

If customers have any concerns or want assistance, the application has an in-built chatting feature that connects them directly to the business's customer care execution.
Return and Exchange

Check Past Order History

This feature allows customers to view their previously placed orders and effortlessly reorder them.
Live Chat Support

Loyalty Pointsr

This is a feature that attracts customers' attention. Business owners can use special programs or campaigns to win customers and increase profitability.
Live Chat Support

Real-Time Push Notifications

Customers receive real-time notifications about their order status, special deals, and other details. .
Live Chat Support

Discounts & Promotional Offers

Customers can use special discounts coupons code while placing their food order. This will support in gaining their loyalty and making the app well-known among potential users.

Features for Delivery Agent

Faster Registration

Delivery agents can complete their registration procedure quickly and securely, and then log in to the app using their credentials.

Faster Authorization

Before they can access the app, delivery agents can digitally upload their documentation for verification, such as their identity card or driving license.

GPS supported Tracker

This advanced feature allows delivery agents to readily locate places on a map and choose the quickest route to get there.

View Delivery History

Here, delivery agents can view their order history, which includes completed orders, pending orders, and so on.

Quick & Efficient Order Handling

Delivery agents can accept or refuse order delivery requests at their discretion. When they accept to deliver the order, they get complete detail of orders, restaurants & customers.

Wallet Feature to manage Payments

This feature enables delivery agents to conveniently record their earned commission for each delivery and customer gratuities.

Contact Details of Customer

When delivery agents go out to deliver, they are given in-built calling features that provide entire contact info of customers so that they can contact them when they get at their door

Feature for Restaurant

Registration and login

This feature allows restaurants to log into the application and set up their online food service.

Menu management

Restaurants can keep updating their menus so that customers see the most up-to-date information when they decide to order anything. They can quickly add/remove any offering and change prices and special offers.

Order management

Restaurants can see their incoming orders and begin preparing them. They can use this feature to accept orders and update the status of orders.

Push Notification

When restaurants accept an order and begin preparing food, a push notification is sent to users to keep them updated. When the order is packaged, delivery personnel are notified by push notification so that they may begin their delivery journey. .

Rating and reviews

This feature allows restaurant owners to see comments and ratings, as well as respond to them.

Features for Admin Panel

Admin Dashboard

This feature provides admins with a bird's-eye view of user profiles, delivery agents, restaurant listings, multi-payment choices, notifications, statistical reports, multi-store, multilingual capabilities, and so on.


Using this feature, admins can keep track of essential information such as the most popular restaurants and arrange them by profit, average check, and so on. This information provides a deeper knowledge of the business and important advice for future business development

Payment management

Admins can use this feature to alter delivery fees and track commission generated. All payments made in the app can be viewed here, and admins can produce reports.

Coupon & discount management

Offering people a discount is a crucial approach for either persuading existing users to purchase something or attracting new ones. Admin can handle discounts based on various events and restaurants.