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Nowadays most brands make their mobile wallet applications because it simplifies and eases the purchase process. The Paytm mobile recharge app is very accessible and widely used by different mobile wallet applications in the country.

If you want to make your company more competitive and available to the user, opt for mobile wallet app growth. Mobile wallet apps are very useful for money transfers to consumers in all forms of business without wasting time. We're going to explore How to Create Mobile Wallet App and the costs involved in making it.

App Like Paytm

Features For Admin Panel

User Management

View the list of users / referred users and you can enable and disable them.

Agent Manager

Add New Agent, View Active Agent / Deactive. View the details of the Agent Request / Accept/ Reject List. Export details to Mobile or Email Info.


Category Upload, Sub-Category, Products. Add goods according to Brands, group. Add stock to product.

Post Notice & Offer

Posting of New Offers and Notices for Agent, Enterprise, and Suppliers.

Managing CRS

Manage hotel, vacation and tour packages. Add, View, Status of Payment etc.

System Management

Admin manage all the aspects of Digital wallet scripts.

Commission Report

View Contract information for all services rendered on Datewise, Weekly , Monthly, Yearly Director.

Distributor Management

Add New Distributor, show the list of available Distributors and you can enable / deactivate them. Check Target Distributor List, Deposit Request and Export Details to Mobile / Email.


Admin manages and maintained history of all the orders and transaction, you can find all the details.

Features For User

User registration

This is the key component of a smartphone application; the user may sign-in with the credentials of the social network or email address.

Authorize bank account

Users can select the bank details they wish to make the transaction from. They can sign a particular bank account and can pay with it at any time.

Add balance

Users can apply to their account a certain amount of balance according to the needs.

Check balance status

After completion of all transactions, users can monitor their account balance, and review all incoming and outgoing cash flows.

Move cash

The users can pass the cash sum by entering their account information to the other users concerned. By doing so they make for efficient and convenient transactions.


Seamless booking Flow to make easy recharges, payments & bookings with a simple process.

Pay Bills

Users can pay the bills through their registered bank accounts to easily keep track of all cash flows.

Accept payments

The payments can also be received. Users will approve the payments by simply sharing their corresponding account information in a safe way.

See deals

Users can access the deals under this segment and also redeem the points when making the transactions.

Transaction history

The eWallet software documents all the users' transactions and monitors them. A user can browse through the transaction history for all the transactions with the forward filters.

Review & Feedback

By Ratings & Feedback customers can share their Refresh, Shopping & Travel Experience.

Invite friends

Users can invite friends to send and receive the funds as well. That way they can easily pass the amount as and when needed. This too, the very next day, without having to call for account information.

Help & Support

Easy access to Customer Service information for user requests, terms and conditions, FAQ, etc.

Features For Agent Panel

Account Log

Agent can manage and view all the booking records of account logs done.

Recharge & Utilities

Agents can use Recharge and Bill Payments in Agent Module to get their Commission.

Cancellation Reports

View Booking Cancelation Daily, Weekly, Monthly , and Yearly Reports to help with data-driven operational decision-making.

Agent Profile

Agent can manage the profile details and Update Information.

Referral Reports

Shows details of Referred Users and their Registered Status.

Booked Reports

View Daily, Weekly , Monthly, and Annual Reports to assist with data-driven organizational decision taking.

Deposit Wallet

Enter Agency Name, Money Details & Payment Gateway Details to add to Wallet amount.


Intuitive booking process, in real time. Whether it is Bus, Hotel, Train, Taxi or Tour.

Why Choose Us ?

Strong Team

We have a strong team for developing an app like Paytm that is very powerful and effective. We need: Project Director, Requirement Analyst, Developers, QA Engineers, Mobile App Developers (IOS and Android) and UI / UX Designers to create a mobile application.

Interactive Design

Compelling architecture is critical for engaging and keeping customers in Paytm like an app. Committed and user friendly architecture helps carry regular customers.

Complete Support

It is important to have a great customer service and boost the user's experience so you don't have and face any problems.

App Platform

Creating an app like Paytm or any other online recharge device, the development platform is the primary and most important thing to ponder. We make sure it is accessible to all the platforms (windows & Ios)

Paytm is the flagship mobile wallet application. It is the largest online platform where you can move money into an interleaved wallet. The explanation for its success is that various services are available on a single platform. To create an app like paytm it will require a dedicated team for the development of such app. DMS Infosystem provides you a complete assistant to create a paytm like app.

The most recent need of the hour is mobile wallets. People from all walks of life have become accustomed to day-to-day use of them. We provide paytm like app to your users with a user-friendly state-of-the-art mobile wallet to attract and retain your user base for ever.

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