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Want to grow your business? One key business ingredient these days is keeping up with the latest trends to stay relevant. The number of online delivery industries has risen tremendously. By analyzing data from the successful delivery businesses worldwide, we discovered one thing in particular: their feature-full app.

Today, application development is a major part of every industry, and the demand for online delivery is exploding. Businesses need to be innovative and take a cue from the tech disruptors to survive and thrive.

We at DMS Infosystem want to make sure that your milk business is more than just a delivery, it’s a brand. With less hassle and more time to enjoy your milk delivery business, set yourself self apart from traditional milk vendors with an app like Milkbasket.

Our Milkbasket clone app is your perfect companion for your business to keep ahead of the competition. We develop an innovative milk delivery app that can be used anywhere, across any platform, and features designed for the technology age.

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Milkbasket Clone Content

Offer an app full of customer-centric features to make your business stand by.

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Here Customers must first complete a one-time registration process before they can use the application. Customers will be assigned a login id and password after successful registration to make their app interface more accessible and rapidly.
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Profile Management

This profile feature includes all personal information as well as other behavioral data to make offerings more personalized for customers. They have the ability to change and manage the profile information..
User Login

Search Bar & Filters

Customers can use the search bar option to find certain goods. Along with the search bar, the app includes filters that are relevant and beneficial to shoppers.
Filter Attributes

Delivery Addresses

Customers can add multiple delivery addresses to the list by using this feature. They can then select one primary delivery location for the order. Customers would be less likely to use other applications if they wanted their order delivered to a different area.
Order Tracking


Customers can be able to get a digital invoice for each order through email or SMS using this feature. It appears to be a valuable feature that will help them manage their spending while purchasing milk products.
Order Status

Payment Selection

This feature integrates all payment gateways to make the payment experience safer and quicker for the customer. Customers can pay using credit/debit cards, UPI, net banking, or cash on delivery.
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Scheduled Delivery

Customers can schedule a delivery at their convenience by designating a date/time in addition to placing their order and receiving immediate delivery of milk.
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Track Deliveries

The customer app's real-time tracking allows them to check the delivery status. They can also follow delivery people and get an estimated delivery time.
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Repeat Order

Customers can go through their prior orders. They will also be able to repeat previous purchases as a result of this. This will save them time and effort when placing a new order.
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Customers may share this on-demand milk delivery app with friends and family members. This allows people to download and install the app. Both will gain additional points if they complete the task successfully.
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Delivery Person Panel

The backbone of your online delivery business- Delivery person app includes all the required features to make the delivery process smooth & fast
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Registration & Sign-Up

Delivery persons must check specific documents, such as licenses and past job experiences, before joining the platform and giving their services. They can effortlessly log in to the app after successful verification.
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Order Management

Every confirmed order is sent straight to the platform's nearest delivery person. The delivery person has the option of accepting or rejecting the delivery request. They can also notice further orders nearby.
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Customer Details

This feature includes the customer information in the delivery request. The delivery person will use this to identify the client and deliver the goods to the proper address.
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In-app Navigation

This feature is a must-have for delivery persons since they will know the exact route to take to reach the customers' location. This feature will direct them to the most optimal and fastest route.