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Build an app like Lynda for your E-learning Emerging Business

On-demand education has become the answer for millions of people who want to be their own boss and acquire quality expertise while they work. It also has become an ever-increasing demand over the recent years as the world has been scrambling to find new ways to address the global education crisis. Online education website like Lynda is becoming a viable business for many professionals. Are you looking to take advantage of all the amazing educational marketplace opportunities available online? There is a huge demand and the competition is fierce. Build an app like Lynda and you’ll find a similar application that made it easy to start a venture of your own in the highly lucrative, high-growth app market.

However, getting your start can be challenging. But with DMS Infosystem, you can enjoy exactly the right mix of education, mentorship, and freedom. So what's stopping you? The benefits of an app-based eLearning business don’t stop there – with the Lynda clone, your EdTech business can be seen by a wider audience when built as an app.

Features Included in Our fully customizable & advanced Lynda Clone Application

Our Lynda Clone Script is an easy-to-use e-learning solution that assists startups and business owners in quickly developing a sophisticated e-learning marketplace that can house a substantial amount of online materials. The administrators, instructors, and customers or students are the three stakeholders in our built Lynda clone application.

App Like Amazon

Features of Admin Panel

A successful website requires a powerful admin panel.

Wish List

Course Management

All of the courses and content that instructors linked with the Lynda clone application list can be authorized or denied by the admin. Users and students can view and access all of the list courses when they have been approved by the admin. .
Product Search

User & Instructor Management

The admin has the ability to add or remove Instructors and Users. By name and email ID, the admin can identify Users and Instructors. The admin can also control the registered Users' and Instructors' active and inactive statuses. As a result, the admin will verify and authorize Users and Instructors for the application.
User Login

Participant Report

The total number of students enrolled in a particular course is displayed in the participant report. It includes every course in the learning management system together with the number of actual students enrolled in each one.
Filter Attributes

Payment history

The admin can monitor the payment history by course, instructor, and other criteria. Anytime, the admin can examine the payment history. Keeping track of every payment made using an application is beneficial.
Order Tracking

General settings

Static page editing, review settings, country, state, city, gamification, professional, and site settings are some of the possibilities available. Here are all the essential software control options.
Order Status

Manage roles

Admin can use this option to assign a person's role. Options like admin, developer, payment manager, search engine optimizer, etc. are indicated by roles.
Order Status

Analytics Report

This module offers the analytics report, which prepares the foundation for future website enhancements.
Order Status

Coupon & Advertisement

For the student and the teacher, the admin can set coupons and discounts. Offer a discount as a result when purchasing a course. Any other ad service, such as Google Ad, may also be added here by the admin. The traffic generated with ads allows the admin to profit

Features of Instructor Panel

Each instructor who has enrolled for the app has their own dashboard. They will be able to publish information and videos on the subject. As a result, they could use the app with ease.

Profile Setup

By providing their name, email address, profession, and other details, instructors may create a profile.

Course Management

All of the courses available on the learning platform can be managed and maintained by instructors, and they can choose which courses to start lecturing on.

Classes Schedule

Through the use of the app, instructors can now organize, schedule, and manage their lessons.

Managing Availability

Instructors can enable their availability status in the learning platform application.

Videos/Files management

The software allows instructors and students to exchange course videos, PDFs, papers, notes, and other information.

Answering Questions

This function makes it possible for instructors to address queries and issues quickly and effectively..

Real-time Sessions

This improves students' use of the platform by enabling instructors and students to engage in real-time.

Features For Users/Students

Users or students who have registered for the application will have access to a dashboard where they can manage the courses that are now being taken, those that have not yet begun, newly accessible courses, etc.

Course Search

Through a Coursera-like software, users and students can leverage search and filter to select their preferred course.

Add to checkout

Users and students can access the Lynda clone app's checkout after selecting a course.

Make payment

Users and students can choose their chosen method of payment from the choices provided by the app

Purchase the course

Users and students will be able to utilize the Lynda clone app whenever they want after following all of the instructions..

Complete the course

Users and students can complete the course and obtain a certificate of completion.

Real-time support

Users and students are always welcome to get in touch with the support staff for thorough guidance or assistance.

Ratings and reviews

Users and students can write ratings and reviews about the course on the Lynda clone app, among other things.

Common Features in the Application

Quick Signup & Login

With our Lynda-like application, getting started is quite simple; all users need to do is sign up by entering their email address, password, and contact information. They can also register immediately using their social media accounts.

General Settings

We provide basic configuration options that are unquestionably helpful in managing instructor and user settings together under one roof.

Questions & Answers

When the question and answer module is integrated, create a collection of questions and answers for each course that will provide users with even more insight into the course lectures.

In-Built Chat option

Our Lynda clone app's chat feature is one of its primary features. It enables the communication between an instructor and the associated user or student.

Video player

The software program offers strong video player choices. Our device comes with every feature a video player might possibly need.

Live class option

For the participants in their course, the instructor can schedule live lessons. It does enable a student to address questions directly to the instructor.

Certificates Of Completion

This module will offer a certificate of completion of the course to the user and to the instructor in order to support their efforts.