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Food delivery is all set to be a multi-billion dollar industry in just a span of few years. World Wide, food-delivery apps have seen about 600% year-on-year growth in their aggregate customer traffic. And with a customer base that’s hungry for more options, the lines between restaurants and the apps are blurring. The rise of the on-demand foodservice business has paved way for a bevy of opportunities. .

If you’re a business that is eyeing to be the biggest in the foodservice market, launching a new food delivery business is incredibly competitive today. But there is one key way to edge your food delivery business ahead of the competition and it’s- a Futuristic Featured Food Delivery App...

Food delivery app becomes an integral part of any successful company's strategy. JustEat doesn’t see it as a standalone service. They see a stable product alternative to cash-on-delivery players and traditional restaurants with apps to make ordering for takeaways a breeze. To keep its competitive lead amidst heavy competition, We deploy an app like JustEat for your food delivery business so that you can soar higher and higher in the market. Let's look at some of the greatest features of the JustEat Clone App.

App Like Amazon

Features for User

Wish List


The user's experience begins with a sign-up step that creates an account and grants access to all of the app's features. After completing the signup process, users must log in using their username and password.
Product Search

Search for Restaurants

Users can apply filters such as relevancy, rating, time, pricing – low to high or high to low, deals, menu categories, veg & non-veg to choose the restaurant of their choice. ..
User Login

Placing Order

The drop location can be reviewed and changed at any time by users. Users can change their destination at any moment while on the vehicle, and they will be dropped off at the new spot if it is available.
Filter Attributes

Add Location

Following confirmation of the order, users will be taken to the add address page, where the order will be delivered. They can pick the delivery address by enabling GPS or entering manually.
Order Tracking


The user is now directed to the method of payment. They can pay using credit/debit cards, online banking, digital wallets, cash on delivery, and other methods. To keep data safe, the systems will employ an encryption procedure.
Order Status

Order Tracking

The order's status and delivery person’ status can be tracked by users.
User Reviews

Rating and Reviews

Users give ratings and reviews based on the restaurant's performance and responsiveness, as well as the delivery person. .
Return and Exchange

Loyalty Programs

Users can view all of the restaurants' special offerings and use coupon codes accordingly.
Live Chat Support

Push Notification

Users will get notifications about the order like restaurants have accepted their order, food is been prepared, the delivery person has picked up the food is out for delivery..
Live Chat Support

Update Profile

Users can make changes to their profile information as they see fit. They can also manage their address and payment information here .

Features for Restaurant


To be featured in the on-demand food delivery service, the restaurant must first register and agree to the app's terms and conditions..


Restaurants will be given credentials after they have registered, which they will use to enter onto the restaurant app. Restaurant owners will be brought to their profile after logging in, where they can modify all of their details such as personal information, password changes, order history, payment information, order tracking, and so on..

Manage Content

Restaurant owners can add all of their menu lists to the app by uploading beautiful photographs of great cuisine, managing the menus by adding or removing items, routinely updating the menu list, and changing the menu price, among other things.

Handling Order

When a customer places an order, the restaurant can confirm it by viewing the order's data and providing push notifications to the customer indicating whether the order has been accepted or denied, and when the order will be picked up by the delivery person.

Payment acceptance

The restaurant will receive the user's payment, which will be split between the restaurant and the administrator..

Features for Delivery Person


By giving the relevant information, such as email, phone number, personal information, and license number, and accepting the terms and conditions, logistics providers or delivery persons will be registered with the app.


After completing the registration process, delivery personnel will be given credentials such as a username and password to use to connect to the driver app.

Handle Order

When the delivery person logs in, they can view all of the active orders, including all of the order information such as the delivery address. From here, they accept or reject the order

Status Updates

The tracking tool allows the delivery person to update the users on the status of the order. Orders accepted or denied by the restaurant, orders picked by the delivery person, or orders delivered to the concerned customer are examples of status updates.

Feature for admin

Marketplace Dashboard

This is the most crucial aspect of building an online food marketplace. On the online marketplace, the admin dashboard aids in the management of menus, inventory, and restaurants. This function allows the admin to get a bird's eye perspective of the restaurant's hours, conduct promotions and referrals, and control the website's ratings and reviews.

Admin Login

Admins must log in using their login credentials, which include an email address and a password, to view all of the data for all users, restaurant owners, and delivery personas. They are in charge of the on-demand food delivery app's driver and restaurants. .

Managing Restaurant

Authorities can add new restaurants to the list and form partnerships with them. They have the power to add and remove them.

Managing applications

Admins have complete control over the database, including the ability to add, delete, and ban users, restaurants, and even delivery services

Payment Management

Admins can view all of the payments that have been received and are currently being processed for each order

Providing discounts, offers, and coupons

To entice more customers to the business, admins can add fresh discounts, offers, and coupons. This helps to raise brand awareness and sales. They have the ability to remove or prolong offers.

Help and support

Admins can send any essential updates if the application has to be updated or if there is another problem.