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The rise in demand for online food services is one of the spillover impacts of the world epidemic. Food delivery has quickly become one of the newest applications that people use on a daily basis and they can’t imagine life without it now. Due to a substantial increase in the number of food ordering users worldwide, many food-tech biggies are currently dominating the online food sector

Need food delivered? If you’re in the business of delivering food, an app like Food Panda could be the solution you’ve been searching for. FoodPanda clone app is capable of improving customer service and increasing business efficiency and helping drive visibility and customer retention for the business. .

Our Food Panda clone app has taken something simple - food ordering between two parties, and brought it up-to-date by leveraging emerging technologies to provide a multi-venue, multi-device solution that is a lot more effective. The disruptor features included in our Clone Apps are changing the nature of competition in many industries, and they are particularly important in the food industry..

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Features for Users

Wish List

Profile Sign up

Users can hassle-free register or log in using details like email, mobile phone numbers, and social media accounts, with extensive back-end support..
Product Search

Search Restaurant/Food

Users can simply search for city restaurants and food dishes by entering their current address. They can also use their smartphone’s GPS for selecting a delivery address.
User Login

Browsing Menu

Users can simply browse restaurants' menus for food items with ingredients, nutritional information, price, and other information.
Filter Attributes

Apply Filters

Users can easily order what they’re looking for using the filter feature. The app includes advanced filtering options like cuisine type, organic, rating-based, most-accessed, and food categories.
Order Tracking

Location router & 1-click tracking

Users can specify the info for their location either manually or automatically. With the tracking tool, the user can keep track of the present status of the meal.
Order Status

Push notification

Users can receive real-time notifications about everything, from restaurant meal processing through packing to delivery routes, to the user's home.
User Reviews

Payment Option

This feature allows users to pay for food quickly using different payment methods with the assurance of safety and security.

Features for Delivery Agents

Quick On-boarding

The delivery agent can register themselves in the app using the digital document uploading options and registration activities..

Order Pickup Alert

Delivery agents can immediately state their status for instant or later food pickup depending on their present situation.

Order Summary

For easy delivery, delivery agents can gather all of the food item information, as well as the customer's address and phone numbers..

Food preparation Alert

Delivery agents get the restaurant owners' alerts status about the food preparation and packing. It makes collecting the food super fast and brings it to the customer's doorstep.

Advanced Navigation

Delivery agents can complete their trip in the quickest amount of time and distance possible by enabling GPS settings in the app, allowing them to carry more orders per day.

Performance Report

These features enable delivery agents to keep track of their order delivery journey right from the start including travel time, nos. of an order delivered, commissions earned, ratings, and tips of customers. .

Features for Restaurants

Profile building

This enables restaurant owners to develop their profile, which includes their name, brand assurance, certificates, market rank value, logo, and address, to attract consumers straight at the start..

Menu Creation/Update

TThe list-based designs allow restaurant owners to highlight the available cuisine. Customers are attracted to the precise information on food, ingredients utilized, and healthful information..

Real-Time Order Processing

Order management is critical for a restaurant owner. All meal orders connected to completion time might be received immediately or later by restaurant operators..

Order Checklist

Restaurant owners can acquire a full analysis of customer meal order requests and depend upon food availability they can accept/decline the food order.

Food Availability

After receiving a food request from a customer, the availability of the item is checked and quickly communicated to the customer by the restaurant.

Tracking out for delivery orders

After handing over the food package to the delivery agents, restaurant owners can track them till delivery is complete, and notify customers at each stage.

Dining Booking updates

This allows restaurant operators to quickly obtain the information that relates to table-booking requests and confirm them

Earning Evaluation

RThis feature allows restaurant owners to create reports on the number of orders received, processed, paid, and commission earned, among other things.

Features for Admin Panel

Comprehensive Dashboard

Because there are more participants, a specific access board is required to manage them. The customized dashboards included in the app allow the admin to control all actions remotely..

App Management

The restaurants accessible are readily grouped based on the clients' desired location. The admin can quickly add or delete users/agents/restaurants, as well as oversee all actions such as new food order acceptance, processing, and delivery fulfillment.

Delivery Agent Management

Admins can go straight to the delivery agent's dashboard and look at the number of completed, processed, and pending delivery orders..

Bird’s eye view

The admin can quickly track the number of users, orders received, and payments collected thanks to advanced monitoring, communication, and food order administration options..

Commission Report

Admin can manage all the commission for the restaurant owners and delivery agents taking from the customer payments for each completed meal order..

Smart Analytics

The admin can visualize the traffic value of the business and alter the flow based on the interface with Google Analytics platforms.

Pay-In Records

The whole reports for business growth analysis are visible to the admin.

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The goal of DMS Infosystem is to provide the world with a solution to quick innovation. There are millions of apps on the market and many businesses need to create their app quickly, but it takes years for a great app to be developed. We solve this problem by developing clone apps from successful apps, which allows businesses to innovate at an incredible speed..

With our software, organizations can realize the full potential of their business by solving its most challenging problems. We work with companies of any size and industry to use our software to their maximum potential. Our software reduces risk, increases revenue, and elevates brand awareness. Feel free to get in touch with our team. We’ll be glad to help you decide how to make an app like Careem cab and launch it to the market with minimal time and financial resources. Our experts will provide you with an initial project timeline and development cost.

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A food delivery app has to be precise and able to offer something that’s unrivaled by any other delivery app on the market. Your food delivery business can benefit from deploying a Food Panda Clone app. You can customize the app to interact mostly with users in your target area to improve retention and increase conversion..

DMS Infosystem is a marketplace leader in developing digital Mobility Solutions for food delivery businesses and entrepreneurs who want to provide the greatest customer experience. We take a strategic approach to Food Panda clone Apps that you may deploy with the assurance of complete customization and technical support. Our sole purpose is to boost our partners' mobile ROI by providing the greatest food ordering and delivery system possible, thanks to our renowned app developers who use cutting-edge technology to set new standards in the automated foodservice market and management systems..

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