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Dubizzle clone script is an online platform for the purchase and sale of rated services and goods. For you to kick-start your own marketplace with classified services and goods is a great solution. By using the Dubizzle clone app, you can give your users a broad variety of products and services such as vehicles, property for sale & rent, jobs and classified services.

Some sellers are just setting up their ads on a website and many buyers are seeing the ads and end up buying the product. It's a perfect way to meet a lot of people at a given place. You can think of it as an opportunity to build up your own classified services on the internet, either through a website or a smartphone application.

App Like Dubizzle

Features For Admin


We create a separate Administrator Login tab. Admin will be able to login with a password and a username.


Admin will be able to view the list of all modules in the graphical interface (such as: category, pages, password change, members, ads, etc.

Category Management

Admin will find a list of all categories here and show detailed information by clicking on any of them. Admin will be able to add new categories or update existing ones by providing the necessary information.

Subcategory Management

Admin will find a list of all subcategories with an option to update existing information and add new ones. The Admin subcategory can add or update additional fields as per subcategory.

Registered Members Management

Here, admin will find a list of all registered users and click any of them to show users details. The Admin should be able to update the current details.

Enquiry Management

In this section, admin will find a list of all enquiries submitted from the front end of the website and by clicking on any of them, details of that particular enquiry will appear.

Site Management

The basic information of the site can be managed from this section by admin. You can set the social media link and log in to your website.

Transaction Management

All payment details in the list of all transaction processes by the user can be viewed by admin.

Ad Management

The admin will find a list of the entire ad listing requests submitted by members who wish to list their ads on the frontend of the website. They can also manage details of the existing ad by clicking on them.

Features For User


Users will be able to register in the website from this section to view secure pages and post website advertisements. Facebook registration option is also available. Verification of registration by email address.


Users will be able to log into the program from this section with a specific username and password to access more choices in a protected section. Users can also login via facebook.

My Account

Users can find their profile details with the option of updating it. They can also find an option to change their passwords.

My Advertising

Users will be able to monitor the current advertisements on the website from this section and view comprehensive details for the same by clicking on them.They can also edit and delete its ads.

Post ads and favorite

Users can post multiple ads with multiple images. They can also save the result of the search and add as a favorite to any ad.

Saved search list

Users can get all the search results saved and can also go straight to the search result and delete the saved search result also.


Users will be notified by email at his / her registered email address. Notification of new post, password forgotten, new contact of its ads, etc.

Static Page

Users can view other business pages as well as various informative pages and contact the site administrator for more information.

Account closure and logout

Users may deactivate their account at any time by clicking on my account to deactivate. They can easily logout too.

Factors We Focus On

App Platform

Pick a platform in the initial stage you want to opt for, as it takes a lot of time to build both platforms. It is better to go in the initial stages with the one platform which is Android / IOS. If you are successful with the one platform, then the other platform is good to go.

App Design

The app needs an engaging interface to attract and maintain users. Excellent design can cost more but we will reduce costs mainly through the best design practices.

App size

The complexity of the app includes the amount of functionalities, user interface, and functionality that every app needs. Apps like Dubizzle should be scalable, so that even with the increased users it can maintain its performance.

Factors We Focus On

Why Choose Us?

Attractive design

One of the main things we are always focused on is getting an attractive interface for your business app.

User friendly

We build it with user-friendly interface and encourage the use of the app for your users.

24 X 7 Supports

We provide a great customer service to enhance the user's experience so that you don’t face any issue.


We know how much this app could mean to you and so we customize it according to your requirements.

The basic concept behind that is to build a custom software piece and face any challenge you have; a fully integrated solution that perfectly suits your processes. The solution DMS Infosystems have come up with to give you a feature-rich service according to your niche requirements.

DMS Infosystems provide custom clone scripts to make sure your tourists get your brand's stellar experience; we cooperate during the entire cloning cycle, ensuring we do it with a holistic technological approach in mind. Any custom website must fit the requirements of your company niche. That's just what we do. Try the customized development solution from us for the Dubizzle Clone Script clone which delivers world-class quality original source code. We offer what you want-when you want to go to the store that makes all the difference!

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