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The food delivery industry is booming, with recent reports showing that nearly $100 billion in food is consumed online each year. This industry's future holds innumerable possibilities for businesses that are looking to dive into this marketplace. So if you already own a food delivery service, or you’re just thinking about getting started, our best-practice recommendation for every aspiring food on-demand startup is to start an app like Deliveroo..

Deliveroo is disrupting the food delivery market by enabling people to order food instantly, with a tap of the finger, and a short wait. As they continue to make their mark, they're reaching out to offer their services across the globe. What made them do so? Their technology-forward featured app has successfully made the transition from internet service to on-the-ground delivery. .

We're dedicated to helping you make sure your food delivery business is set up to grow and scale fast. With the Deliveroo Clone app, you and your food delivery business will have a competitive edge over other players in the industry. Let’s explore the comprehensive features that will be included in your Deliveroo clone app.

App Like Amazon

Features For Users

Wish List

Account Login

For the first time, users need to provide personal information such as their name, phone number, and email address. They can access the app at any time by logging in with their credentials.
Product Search

Location Access

After completing the first registration, the user will be asked to provide location access so that their current location can be automatically detected. They can also manually input their current location. .
User Login

Search Restaurants

Users can use the list to find restaurants in their close surroundings. Otherwise, they can use the advanced search option to find it..
Filter Attributes

Choose Food Cuisines

Users can use filters to find restaurants that serve the foods they want to order. They can select food from a variety of cuisines after selecting the restaurant. .
Order Tracking

Add to Cart

The foods picked by the users will be instantly put into the cart. These can be changed at any moment before the order is confirmed. Also, they have complete freedom to add or delete stuff.
Order Status

Seamless Payment Transaction

Because it appears to be easier, digital payments have become the preferred method for everyone. This feature allows users to pay online using credit/debit cards, UPI, and e-wallets in addition to Cash-On-Delivery.
User Reviews

Rating & Feedback

Users can easily provide feedback to restaurants about the quality of the food products using this function. As a result, other users will find it easier to select restaurants & foods. This also allows writing reviews/ratings for the delivery persons as well. .
Return and Exchange

Promotional Offers

This feature allows users to apply a special discount promo code. This is a crucial element for capturing consumers' interest and increasing business sales and revenue.
Live Chat Support

Order Now or Schedule Later

Customers can use this feature to place orders and receive them right away. Alternatively, they might plan it at their leisure. .
Live Chat Support

Push Notifications

Users can be reminded of new deals and promotions, as well as continuing ones, via push notifications. This will encourage users to place repeat orders, increasing customer engagement. .
Live Chat Support

Estimated Time of Delivery

The app will indicate the expected delivery time once users confirm their orders. Customers will feel more secure, and they will be less concerned about when their food will be delivered.
Live Chat Support


Customers can check their order history via the app. If they wish to order the same cuisines again, they may use the Reorder option. This gives them a smooth & hassle-free ordering experience.

Features For Restaurant owners


To start selling with on-demand food delivery app, restaurants need to create profiles with information such as their name, address, hours of operation, menu, and so on.

Content management

This feature allows restaurants to maintain and provide essential information about their menus, such as images, prices, ingredients, specials, and other facts. This also allows for simple modification, allowing restaurants to change their information as required...

Order management/tracking

Restaurants can monitor incoming orders and adjust order statuses. This feature also includes real-time updates about order cancellations, completed orders, and foods ready for delivery

Cross-interface communication capabilities

This feature allows restaurants to notify the delivery person and the users of the order's progress. Cross-interface communication is the process of informing the customer or delivery person that an order is available for pickup or on its way.

Features for Delivery Person


This feature allows delivery persons to easily register for an account by using a basic login/password and uploading their identity proof & driving license. .

Order status and pickup/dropoff

Delivery persons can see a list of available orders, order information, and pick-up and drop-off locations. With real-time order tracking statuses, delivery personnel can select orders for completion and know when an order has been claimed by another delivery personnel..

Cross-interface communication

With this feature, delivery personnel may remain up to date and inform users and restaurants about the status of an order in real-time. They can update status of food order once they choose to deliver it and send real time push alert to restaurants for picking the order up & notify users that they are out for delivery.

Account history

This feature allows delivery persons to review completed deliveries, make notes on users/restaurants for future reference, and view their total earnings by day, week, month, and even hourly.

Loyalty or rewards program

This feature can increase delivery personnel's loyalty to the app. Giving incentives to delivery persons or commending them for promoting the app among their knowns is an excellent method to assure business advocacy while improving brand visibility.

Features for Admin

Managing Restaurants

With this feature, admins can manage all restaurants by adding, changing, and deleting any restaurant or café from the list. Check the status of any restaurant within the app..

Type Management

Manage all restaurant categories based on food type, product specifications, distribution options, and market optimization deals. Admins can manage a range of restaurant kinds on a single platform..

Analysis & Reporting

Admins receive real-time insights into results and other accounting information by using the analysis and reporting capability, which will help them spot growth and widen reach chances.

Real-time Updates & Alerts

Admin receives real-time updates and notifications regarding delivery persons and restaurant owners as they update their profile, and restaurant data, and make adjustments..

Payment & Commission Management

This feature facilitates admins to determine payment and commission rates, as well as monitor and make payments directly from the panel to each partner.

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