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Careem Cab

In recent years,innovative apps have penetrated many industries including telephony, banking, and cleaning but most notably transporting industries. Careem is the number one taxi app today that never sleeps with more than 3 million rides being completed so far across the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt. Careem Cab has taken the taxi booking concept and developed a popular app that uses a mobile-optimized, real-time location-based business model. And it's not just in these three countries but across the world that has 100%+ growth monthly.

The road to success is not without its troubles and frustrations. With the careem cab clone application, any business can compete with competitors and then taste success in this booming business model. The introduction of a business model similar to Careem cab can cause a seismic upheaval in your transportation industry. Your business will be able to secure an enormous amount of market share to become front-runners in the industries with an app like Careem cab. With the latest technologies, you can also customize your app with all the features and also add a new one as per your requirements..

App Like Amazon

Features for User

Wish List

Login & Register

Enable customers to visit your shop as visitors without having to enter loads of personal details. For example, give additional sign-up options via email, Facebook / Google etc.
Product Search

Fare estimator

Users can examine the fare card before confirming their bookings to see how much the chosen distance/route would cost. This feature encourages users to make informed decisions..
User Login

View & Edit Ride Info

The drop location can be reviewed and changed at any time by users. Users can change their destination at any moment while on the vehicle, and they will be dropped off at the new spot if it is available.
Filter Attributes

Real-time Tracking

Users may easily track their drivers using this function. They can even direct the drivers to the pick-up location according to their choice.
Order Tracking

Payment mode

Users can pay immediately through the app using a variety of payment options such as credit/debit cards, digital wallets, and payment applications. as well as others
Order Status


Users will receive an invoice after the ride service is completed, which will include all pertinent information such as distance traveled,trip cost, and driver name.vehicle identification number,and much more.
User Reviews

Ride Plans

The innovative application allows users looking for cabs at a later time to book journeys at their leisure.
Return and Exchange

Drivers on Choice & Rating

Users can read each driver's reviews and ratings before selecting the one that best meets their needs.Users who are new to the city may prefer drivers who speak their language among other things And after ridecompilation,riders can also rate driver
Live Chat Support

Referrals & Coupon Codes

Users can apply promotion codes & coupons to save extra while traveling. Additionally, after successful referrals, users can earn additional promo codes and discounts.
Live Chat Support

Account setting

Users can create and edit their profiles by adding information such as their phone number, address, email address, and display photo. Users can also check their transaction history, which includes rides taken, locations visited, driver information, and trip fee costs, among other things. .

Features for Drivers

Registration & Document upload

The application allows drivers to simply upload all of the required documents. The documents will be verified by the authority of the company..

Booking Info

Drivers will be notified of any forthcoming ride requests in and around their area. Drivers will be guided to the pick-up location using GPS after accepting the request..

Booking modification

This feature will notify drivers of any trip cancellations/modifications made by users via Push notifications..

Real-time Updates

Drivers can view ride requests on the app during rush bookings. They can choose the following excursion at their leisure..

Approve/Decline ride request

Drivers have the option of accepting or rejecting trip requests at their convenience. Accepting the request will display the user's location on the navigation.

Trip Status Update

After or during each trip, drivers update the pertinent status, such as trip completion, ongoing trip, cancellation, or others..


Drivers can rate customers after each journey at their whim. These ratings ensure that services are delivered in a timely and secure manner.

Bank Info

The app allows drivers to instantly submit their bank account information. Admins will be able to credit money straight into drivers' bank accounts as a result of this.


This tool allows drivers to see invoice data, including distance traveled, trip cost, commission deduction, and so on.


When it comes to joining the platform, drivers can refer their friends or former coworkers. Drivers will earn a special incentive if their referrals are successful (after document verification).

Support Care

The most desired feature is the ability to connect with the company's customer support personnel right away. Drivers can call them for any assistance they require.

Features Of Admin Panel

CRM toolkit

The admin can easily monitor and control all of the customer offerings. This entails establishing surge pricing during peak demand periods, among other things..

Driver Supervision

The strong admin platform can handle the drivers and the complete fleet without any issues. Manual dispatching of drivers/vehicles is available through the admin panel..


Admins can keep track of and manage commission revenue on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.

Tracking Operations

Admins can trace the entire fleet to its exact location using the end-to-end monitoring platform, which includes details such as trip requests, drop locations, distance traveled, and more..


The advanced panel offers detailed information and analytics on trip requests, peak demand places, service ratings and reviews, and other topics..