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Build An App Like is a huge support for hotel reservation customers who love to travel and helps people to find the place, hotel and destination of the trip depending on their interests. They can book directly online at their home's comfort. With customers will know all the specifics of the hotel right then and there, where they expect to stay the moment they arrive at their destination.

The travel and tourism industry is steadily prospering and is showing steady growth across the globe year-over-year. Today the key reason for the boom in tourism is the online travel industry. The Internet has enabled life for many by delivering access to the living rooms of people. The ability to book hotel rooms, holiday itineraries, flights and other online services has made travel arrangements so much easier than they were in the previous days. is one of the world's leading travel fare aggregators. Thanks to good management and useful functionality it is continuously changing. So software developers are actively trying to replicate's success.

App Like

Every day, countless businesses are designing applications relating to travel. Just a few do succeed in making a mark, though. Those who excel actually do so because they have simple and distinct high-level targets to be achieved. Writing down those goals will help you tailor the application to an audience. It is very important to understand the process for create an app like, let’s look at the various features that comes under this.

Features Of Admin


User-friendly interface for site management with apps and applications.

Vendor Management

Manage multiple sellers across your platform, set a commission per sale, review real-time supplier information.

Manage Newsletter

Enable newsletter subscription feature and use email marketing to connect to subscribers.

Post Notice & offers

Posting of New Offers and Notices for Agent, Enterprise, and Suppliers.

Customer Management

Build customer profiles in multiple categories, such as registered customers and visitors, display and manage wish list, coupons etc.

CRS Management

Manage Hotel, Tour and Holiday Packages. Add, View, Payment Status etc.

Post Notice & offers

Posting of New Offers and Notices for Agent, Enterprise, and Suppliers.

Discount Coupons

Using Admin to add Discount Coupons for your users. Seek more people.

Features of User


Enable sign-up with a mobile number to allow access to your website by using OTP (One Time Password).

Easy On Boarding

Starting with the App with multiple Login & Signup options is quick and easy.


Filter by location, prices, ratings, type of accommodation, facilities supplied etc.


Search by Hotel Name, Area, Place or Landmark to find a Hotel. Check-in, Dates for check-out.


Equipped with all modern comforts. Choose your hotel by the available Amenities as per your requirement.

Confirm Reservation

Test quality, information on billing, checkout. Seamless booking Flow with a simple method to make reservations.


Google Maps Show Hotels' exact location allowing users to navigate easily.


Customers receive all booking related alerts and notifications to stay up-to - date via push Email and Sms.

Easy Cancelling

Simple Hotel cancelation in just minutes. Easy Cancelation within minutes of the formation of the booking.

Coupons & referrals

Enter your Pre-applied Coupon or Promo Codes for Best Available Deals. Also, refer to a friend and get referral rewards.

Easy Payment

Customers get to choose from all the popular payment options and pay securely at checkout.

Help & Support

Easy access to Customer Support details for user queries, terms and conditions, FAQ, etc.

Features of Agent Panel

Agent Profile

View profile of agent. Edit Agent Profile and Update Profile, such as Agency Logo, Personal Information, Contact Information etc.


Intuitive booking process, in real time. Easy to make reservations at one tap.

Wallet Deposit

Enter Agency Name, Money Details & Payment Gateway Information to add to Wallet number.

Reports Reserved

View Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Annual Reports to assist with data-driven organizational decision taking.

Commission Reports

View Commission regular, weekly, monthly, and annual reports to assist in data-driven organizational decision taking.

Cancellation Reports

View Booking Cancelation Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly Reports to help with data-driven operational decision-making.

Post Notice & Offers

Posting of New Offers and Notices for Agent, Enterprise, and Suppliers.

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DMS Infosystem lets you prioritize these concepts of design before actually starting coding can be of great help in trying to achieve a particular look. We also prevent you from wasting time when encoding the information for no use. In addition to its cost-saving benefits, the time spent on designing the mockup, wireframe, and prototype can also provide a learning opportunity.

We help you create the app fully, making your job simple and user friendly.

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