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Amazon is the most popular eCommerce software that people typically use to shop online. Currently, the way a business works is completely distinct from conventional business methods. Many businesses develop their own online shopping applications to sell products.

The trend of online shopping is on the rise as no one wants to spend precious time waiting in the market place in long queues and they don't want to wait for their turn when paying. Okay, so now everyone can do shopping from home without wasting fuel and time Thanks to eCommerce apps.

App Like Amazon

Features Of User

User Login

Log-in to user

Enable customers to visit your shop as visitors without having to enter loads of personal details. For example, give additional sign-up options via email, Facebook / Google etc.
Product Search

Product Search

It should be lightning fast, first of all. Next, add loads of different filters and high quality indexing to help users find what they want inside your app quickly.
Wish List

Wish List

Allow your customers to build wish-list to include all the items they'd like to purchase in the near future. And allowing them to connect, delete and handle wish list as easily as possible.
Filter Attributes

Filter Attributes

Filter products by their attributes and custom options and find the products you want faster.
Order Tracking

Real-time order tracking

Customers can monitor orders or goods with real-time details. In addition, when ETA or status changes, the customers can receive live order updates.
Order Status

Order Status

Keep your customers updated on the distribution status of their goods. Right from order confirmation to final delivery, give them order statuses via email or SMS. Notify them of policies on shipment and return.
User Reviews

User Reviews

Reviews allow users to share their feelings about the shopping experience and the product.
Return and Exchange

Return and Exchange

Allow your customers to easily submit return or exchange requests for the products. Notify them of the refunds to be distributed to their wallets according to client guidelines.
Live Chat Support

Live Chat Support

This function enables clients to connect directly with the support staff to address any product, order or payment-related questions or confusions.

Features Of Admin Panel


Our clone script offers advanced functionality with a versatile dashboard for administrators. In short, it aims to offer you the best way to handle your app.


Expand your scope, and get in touch with the locations you want. This functionality allows you to easily add multiple locations. Based on the availability of the different goods at each location, your customers can easily locate the nearest store.

Customer Management

Manage customer profiles seamlessly across different categories. We also offer additional features including viewing and managing wish lists, coupons, etc. for registered or guest customers.

Vendor Management

Manage countless vendors across leading platforms including iOS , Android and others. Set multiple functionalities including 'per sale commission' or even review real-time supplier-related information.

Stock Management

Our extremely avant-garde script tracks the changes made on stock daily. Get instant notifications whenever stock levels go below the limits specified. Pre-order your stock, and efficiently manage it.

Reward Points

Offer numerous rewards to your loyal customers on the redemption of reward points which they can collect whenever they buy something on your site.


Do you want to improve your customer base without any effort? Invite your family , friends or colleagues into your app through the "Refer to Friends" feature. Receive referral rewards and even promo coupons.


Use discounts to draw countless users. Give lots of discounts to attain a loyal customer base.

Other Features of the App

Payment Gateway Integration

Encourage your customers with just a few clicks to pay for the shopping. Customers must connect credit / debit cards, bank account information to the payment gateway and it will enable them to make the order payment.

Augmented Reality (AR) View

Allow your customers to display products in their homes before purchasing them through the AR display feature. Customers can see how every product looks at the particular location in the house.

Push Notifications

Catch the attention of your customers by notifying them of the latest offers, discount deals and new selection of items. Stay linked to them via updates and reminders.

Social Media Integration

Using social media channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and more, consumers share their favorite products, wish list items and purchased goods directly with their friends and family members.

We at DMS begin its work by assessing the company needs and requirements of the customers. The first thing that you need to know is what consumers want and what product kind you want to sell? Need to sell all sorts of items, or some particular? When you want to sell all sorts of goods then create hierarchy of categories so consumers can easily figure out which items they want to purchase. We have the development cycle that will make it easy for you to understand our process.

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We know how much this app could mean to you and so we customize it according to your requirements.


We design it with user-friendly platform and make it easier for your users to use the app.

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