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In a world where change is always a topic of discussion, it is important to be fully investigated and to improve the experience. The taxi industry in the country is a troublesome sector and the companies such as LeCab provide a promising solution to the problem. LeCab becomes more successful as time progresses as it continues to change the status quo of the taxi industry, and it is a new necessary mode for a business.

There are myriad differences between rideshare apps, but they all have one thing in common--they rely on an app to get their business started. It's time for your business to do the same. Your taxi service can set itself apart by building an app like LeCab and being on the main taxi marketplace. Its distinct features set it apart from others and have been picked up by several high-profile startup companies and helped them to grow .

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Features for User

Wish List

Login & Verification

Users can easily log in with their details to start using the app. The verification feature is to verify a customer's login through email or SMS notification.
Product Search

Book/Schedule Ride

Riders may use the Schedule Ride option to order a cab and ride immediately or at a later date and time. A user may book a ride by just clicking a few buttons on the app.
User Login

Right Pricing

The purpose of ride pricing is to show riders the price they will have to pay at the conclusion of the journey in both normal transportation and when there is a price increase.
Filter Attributes

Cancel Option

Riders can cancel their booking by selecting a suitable reason. Customers benefit from this choice since it allows them to reserve a ride whenever they need one.
Order Tracking

Different Payment Methods

Riders can pay with cash, a debit card, a credit card, or any other online payment option.
Order Status

Accurate Estimates

Riders get informed of the driver's estimated arrival time at the pickup location as well as their estimated arrival time at their destination.
User Reviews

Reviews and Rating

Users can rate rides and submit feedback on them using the reviews and rating function. This feature allows other riders to learn more about the app cab service provider's services and other elements.
Return and Exchange

Customer Support Care

Riders can use the customer support chat option to communicate with the customer support team and get their questions answered.
Live Chat Support

SOS and Panic Button

Users may use the SOS and Panic buttons to alert family and friends if they are in danger or detect it while riding.

Features for Drivers

Document Uploading

The taxi dispatch app requires drivers to provide all essential documentation for verification and approval by the admin. They can use the taxi booking app once their documents have been validated.


The verification phase necessitates two-way authentication via SMS and email, as well as driver document verification before they may accept trips.

Auto Offline

Working hours for drivers might be adjusted as needed. When the taxi booking app detects that the situation is optimal, it automatically puts the driver's status as offline.

Dynamic Map & navigation

The in-built navigate button provides drivers with the ease of quickly navigating to both the pickup and destination locations.

Visitor Type

Drivers get the flexibility to drive to another city under the visitor tag if the type of car they drive is not available in that city.


The application will provide drivers with a visible earning potential, allowing them to see how much money they may expect for the day, week, or month.

Driver Chat

Drivers may use this chat option to interact with the customer support team and get their questions answered.

Features Of Admin Panel

Multiple Country

The admin can add more than one country to their region of operations using the multiple country capability. They can also opt to turn on or off their activities in a particular nation if necessary.

Multiple City

The admin can opt to conduct their taxi service in numerous cities and control everything from the admin panel.

Multiple Service Type

Admins can include Sedans, Hatchbacks, SUVs, and other vehicles in the service. The admin panel will also make it simple to handle various sorts of vehicles.

Complete Statistics Report

The administrator has access to a comprehensive report that includes information such as the total number of trips taken over a period of time, the number of trips canceled, the types of payment transactions, trip history, and driver payment.

Map View

The admin can use the map view functionality to see/check the status of drivers' booked journeys in real-time. This makes it easier to manage all journeys, and the admin can solve any difficulties that arise..

Manage Rating & Reviews

The admin can evaluate and analyze all of the feedback and ratings provided by riders and drivers in order to improve their service

Payment Reports

For each ride taken by customers, the admin receives a complete payment record. They may also divide the reports into daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and other categories.

Promo Code

The admin can set a promo code to provide riders discounts. Users might also be required to meet certain restrictions in order to use the discount code, such as making an online purchase, riding at a specified time of day, or traveling to a specific city.


Certain system parameters, such as sending SMS or email to consumers in bulk, can be configured by the admin. They can also make a customized configuration to build a list of targeted recipients for the email and SMS messages.

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