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Start and run your olx, which will allow you to control your business from your fingers Banner- Launch your carpooling business in no time with an app like Blabla Car.

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The carpooling market is growing all the time, and so is ride-sharing. Carpooling apps like Blabla Car make it easy for commuters to get in sync with one another. Just as you would use an app on your smartphone to book a car ride, carpooling and ride-sharing companies should be more like Blabla Car.

If you're selling a service that allows people to share rides, why not do it in a way that's as dynamic and interactive as their rides? In other words, why not create an app like Blabla Car. An app that is purely focused on getting people to share and trade rides...

Offering peer-to-peer carpooling and ridesharing services just got a whole lot easier with the Blabla car clone app. Now, you can connect your customers with strangers on the spot, in different cities across countries overall! All you need is to spend a fraction of the cost to develop an app like blabla car and you're good to go. A good example of a Blabla car clone app should consist of these necessary features and functionalities listed below.

App Like Amazon

Features for User

Wish List

Encrypted sign-up

Users can log in or create an account using their social media accounts quickly and safely.
Product Search

Ride Search

Users can use filters to find rides, such as car type, preferred route, charge, best date and time, driver rating, and gender.
User Login


This feature allows users to select a drop-in location (where the journey begins) and a drop-off location (where the journey concludes) on the map.
Filter Attributes

Ride Booking

Users can place a booking after finding a suitable option. Users can select their drop-in & drop-off locations.
Order Tracking

Review of other passengers

Users can check other users' profiles and ratings before scheduling a ride to ensure the ride will be safe.
Order Status


The status of the ride is sent to users via push notification, including the car model and number, arrival time, and journey time.
User Reviews

Real-time tracking

Users can track the driver on a map in real-time and receive alerts as he or she approaches.
Return and Exchange

In-app calls/messages

If any adjustments or clarifications arise before the trip, this feature will be critical. .
Live Chat Support

Online payment

Users can register their payment information, such as credit cards, net banking, or other methods, and use the app to make cashless payments.
Live Chat Support

Ride cancellation

Following the app's rules and standards, users can cancel a ride or their involvement in it at any moment. .
Live Chat Support

Ratings and reviews

Users can offer their thoughts and comments once a ride is completed using this feature .
Live Chat Support

Ride history

The date, destination, fee, and automobile description are all recorded and presented in this area for completed excursions. .
Live Chat Support

Support service

Here, users can voice their grievances, questions, and suggestions. .

Features for Drivers

Encrypted sign-up

Drivers can easily and securely create an account. Drivers add details about the car and images to the basic information from social media.

Profile verification

Drivers fill out a form with details about their age and health condition, driver's license, experience, and background before their account goes live

Offering a ride

A destination point,a ride charge, the trip's date and time, riders' preferred pick-up and drop-off locations, and the number of seats available for a journey are all included in the data.

Ride rejection/acceptance

Drivers can check the list of rider requests and determine whether or not to accept them..

In-app GPS

This feature provides multiple route options, assists in identifying traffic bottlenecks along the way, and acts as a guide if the driver is unfamiliar with the route..

In-app calls/messages

The driver has the option of contacting a rider to clarify trip specifics.

Receiving payments

Drivers can register their payment details here to receive payment for their services quickly 7 securely

Ratings and reviews

When the ride is completed, drivers can rate and review the rider.

Support service.

Here, drivers can get answers to their queries and concerns about the app's functionality, service, or anything else.

Features Of Admin

Smart Dashboard

Admins have access to a variety of business metrics, such as the number of users and revenue for a specific period, as well as messages and the management of several app departments, such as payments, drivers, customers, and ratings..

Revenue analytics

Admin can get data on revenue sources, growth or decline patterns, income by category, and so on..

Monitoring Drivers

Admin can approve new drivers in this section and then store the profile details, ratings, and reviews of every driver here.

Monitoring Users

When a passenger registers a new account, it will display in this section right away, complete with all contact information, ratings, and reviews.

Vehicles management

It's a distinct location where admin may keep track of information regarding vehicles and their current state.


Every payment and it's status (successful or unsuccessful), as well as the wages of the drivers, are documented here..

Service support

Any user or driver inquiries will be routed to this section, where they will be converted into tasks for the support team or technical experts.